9/11 Identification of Individuals

1. I searched Google " How did they identify bodies on 9/11?" I found this website that did somewhat tell how many people had been identified with DNA analysis and other information. However it's not really what I was looking for but I kept this chart of information because I thought it was somewhat interesting.

-fewer than1,600victims identified

-over 1,100 victims remain unidentified

-over 800 victims identified by DNA alone

-nearly 10,000 unidentified pieces frozen for future analysis


2. I went back and searched for "DNA analysis to identify 9/11 victims" and found this website that would have something on it. I saw that Cybergenetics is a Pittsburgh team that is still responsible for identifying 9/11 victim's bodies for final closure. Cybergenetics developed a True-Allele system wants to extract more information from the DNA samples they have now and reanalyze then, which is 1,000xs faster than current methods. However, the burning in the buildings may cause serious problems with process.


3. I searched "DNA Extraction 9/11 Case." I found this website but it wasn't exactly on the Twin Tower case but it also talks about Flight 93 that crashed in a strip mine on 9/11 and they used tooth fragments and any skin to identify a person.


4. When I typed in "How was DNA extraction used to identify 9/11 cases" and the website i went on said that scientists use PCR ( Polymerase Chain Reaction) and STR (short tandem repeat). (great graphs on the site below)

:This website is a good source for this subject:: http://www.bioon.com.cn/ewebeditor/uploadfile/200904/20090404083138130.pdf