Jerry Rice

by: Seamus Meegan


Jerry Rice was born in Starkville Mississippi on October 13, 1962. Jerry Rice was one out of 8 children. He was the son of a hardworking bricklayer who employed Rice and his brothers as his assistants during the hot Southern summers. It was grueling work, but Rice later came to be grateful for it.
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Significant facts

Jerry Rice is widely considered to be the greatest wide receiver in the history of the National Football League. Over his four-year college career, Rice hauled in 4,692 receiving yards and collected 18 Division I-AA records. In the 1985 NFL draft, the San Francisco 49ers selected Rice with the 16th overall pick. this is interesting to me, because it is incredible to be the best receiver in NFL history.
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While in college, Jerry Rice earned All-America honors and set 18 Division I-AA records. The San Francisco 49ers drafted Rice in the first round in 1985, the start of a 20-year career in which Rice won multiple Super Bowls and set 38 NFL records. Rice was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010. "Jerry Rice finished his career as one of the best receivers to ever play in the NFL".
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Jerry Rice struggled in his rookie season in the NFL. "He struggled to catch the football in games, and he fumbled to much". Jerry Rice was able to over come this and he ended up becoming one of the best receivers to ever play in NFL.


Bill Walsh was Jerry Rice's mentor. "Bill Walsh was the head coach of the 49ers and helped Jerry rice through out his NFL career". Bill Walsh helped Jerry Rice when he was struggling to catch the ball in his rookie season and after Bill Walsh helped Jerry Rice set many records in the following seasons.


1985 Unanimous choice for NFL All-Rookie team. 1985 NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year and NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year. 1986 Voted Sports Illustrated Player of the Year. 1986-96, 1998, 2002 Selected to pro bowl. 1987 Voted NFL's Most Valuable Player; wins Len Eshmont Award. 1987 Sporting News and NFL Player of the Year. 1989 Superbowl XXIII MVP. 1990 Named once again as the Sports Illustrated Player of the Year.1990 NFL Player of the Year. 1993 Named AP, NFL and Sports Illustrated Offensive Player of the Year. 1994 Voted to NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team.


Jerry Rice's main hobbies were working out and staying in shape. "He's always getting ready for the next season or the next game, because he has knows how to be prepared for the next step of his life". Jerry rice's other Hobbies are to go golfing or go for a hike.


I chose this symbol because the game of football is the reason why Jerry Rice is so successful. Football gave Jerry Rice fame and all he had to do for that fame is work really hard. "football isn't just a game its a life style". Jerry Rice had a love and passion for football so he perfected the game.
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I think that Jerry Rice would be a friend of mine, because both of us play wide receiver. Jerry Rice is kind and had a father who was very tough on him, so we share similarities on that to. Jerry Rice loves the game football and was always trying to get better and I'm still trying to become a better football player so he could help become a great football player.

Most like

Jerry Rice is most like in my opinion Odell Beckham Junior. the reason I think this is because they were both rookie of the year. Odell is a young receiver and has only been in the NFL for two years now but he is working his way to jerry rice's level and has potential to be one of the best receivers ever to play the game.


I consider Jerry Rice and altruist, because he helped his team when super bowls. He didn't do it for him self he did it for his team. Jerry Rice is also and altruist, because he helped his father with his job when he was a young boy.

Things you didnt know

When Jerry Rice played for the 49ers he played with two different hall of famer quarterbacks. for a few years he played with hall of famer Joe Montana. Then he played with Hall of Famer Steve Young. "Jerry Rice struggled catching passes from Steve Young for a while because Steve Young was a left handed quarterback.

Jerry Rice and Dion Sanders

Jerry Rice hated Dion Sanders, because Dion Sanders was loved to party and didn't respect Jerry rice way the 49ers prepare for games. Jerry Rice knew that they needed Dion Sanders if they wanted to win a super bowl, but that didn't mean he had to like him.


The reason why I chose this background is because it has rail roads and Jerry Rice lived near rail roads and he used to run on the rail roads to stay in shape. The rail roads to me show how hard Jerry Rice worked to become a professional athlete.