From Cane to Sugar

by Grace nissly3as


Do you ever wonder how sugar is made? Then you should read on!


Sugar begins its trip to the store in a plant. Sugar cane is a type of grass. It grows in tropical climates. When farmers gather sugar cane they cut off the stem but leave the bottom so sugar cane can grow agin. When the farmers take the stem off it is ready to go to the factory.


When the sugar cane arrives they take it inside the factory. First the sugar cane is washed. Then rollers crush the cane really hard. Then it goes to the separator. Then the juice goes down to the evaporator it also burns the sugar cane fire. Then the syrup is bowling by hot water. When the syrup is cool it is ready for crystals. They get crystals from the syrup. Then it also goes to a machine that squeezes out any liquid. It also leaves dry crystals. Next it goes through some machines that makes it the same size. There are some types of sugar and granulated sugar. Before it gets shipped it gets tested first.


Then once it gets to the store people buy it to sweetened things up. People use different kinds of sugar too. As you can see sugar makes an interesting journey to your table. But there are other fun facts you might not know about this product.

Fun facts

For example did you know that some sugar is made from beets. What are some other interesting facts about this product? Did you know that some sugar comes from lemons too. Also sugar comes in big packs or small packs and if you eat to much sugar it can make you really sick.


Now you know how sugar is made go to the store now and get some of that delicious sugar. And put it on your cakes and cookies.
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