Fabulous Fifth Grade Mustangs!

Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Godfrey & Miss Roberts' Weekly Update

Important Grade Level Info


4 - STUDENT HOLIDAY - Teacher Prof Dev

5 - Students return to school

7 - NEHS Mtg (2:50-3:30pm)

12 - PTA Mtg (6:00-8:00pm)

13 - Geography Bowl (starts at 8:15am)

15 - Student Council Mtg (7:20-7:40am)

15 - Early Dismissal - 12:30pm

15 - End 2nd 9 Weeks (1st Semester)


19 - Begin 3rd 9 Weeks

20 - 5th grade parents Middle School meeting (6:30pm)

21 - Think College Thursday

21 - STEAM Night (5:30-7pm)

22 - All Pro Dad's (7am)

23 - Tea Time with Mary Poppins at Hebron HS Auditorium (10:00am-12:00pm)

29 - PTA Dinner & Silent Auction (6:00-8:30pm)


5th Grade Parent Middle School Speaker - Jan 20 (6:30pm)

PTA has scheduled JoAnn Schauf to come speak to 5th grade parents about Middle School and the transition to expect. Mrs. Schauf was a counselor at Arbor Creek Middle School for 10 years. It will be an informative night as we begin to get your kids registered for their classes for next year.


iPad / 1:X Update

Lewisville ISD remains committed to providing digital access for student learning. This commitment includes the continued effort to launch an LISD Elementary App Store for elementary students participating in the district’s 1:X initiative.

The LISD Elementary App Store has been launched and the district is continually adding instructional apps to the store on a daily basis. LISD believes its ongoing testing is almost complete and the district intends to begin sending iPads home with students by the end of January.

In addition, any elementary 1:X families, who paid the $40 iPad insurance fee for the 2015-2016 school year, WILL NOT have to pay the fee for the 2016-2017 school year. Please know that this also applies to 5th grade students moving up to 6th grade.

We appreciate your patience this semester. If you have any questions, please contact LISD’s Helpdesk at helpdesk@lisd.net or call 972-350-1833 and select option 1 to be directed to the district’s Technical Helpdesk.

For more information about LISD’s Elementary App Store, please visit the 1:X webpage, which can be accessed from LISD’s website: http://lisd.net/Page/9750.


Hebron High School Fine Arts Event

Tea Time with Mary Poppins!: Come dressed Up as Your Favorite Disney Character.

Hebron High School Fine Arts is hosting a 20 minute mini magical preview of their upcoming musical production of Mary Poppins on Saturday, January 23rd from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM in the HHS Auditorium. Activities include a stage performance, an autograph session with the cast, refreshments, souvenirs and show tickets for sale. See the flyer attached to this email for more details.


Order Homestead Yearbook

The online yearbook store is open. You may order your copies of the yearbook now. There are 2 ways to order:

  1. Order online at http://www.smart-pay.com/ Click "Locate Your School" to begin the ordering process.
  2. Call 1-800-853-1337 to order with credit/debit card.

Yearbook price $26.


Earbuds - a Necessary Item

Please help!!! We use apps on our iPads that require sound on a regular basis. Some of these are assessment type apps like Think Through Math and iStation. When a child does not have earbuds, it can be disruptive to them as well as all of those around them. Students who pre-purchased the wrap packs for their supplies at the beginning of the year had 2 sets of earbuds included. They were given those at the beginning of the year. If they did not purchase the wrap pack and you purchased your own supplies, earbuds were on the list of items needed. These earbuds are not going to last a long time, especially with the lack of care many kids give them. Some kids have either lost them, never had them, or only have one ear currently working in them. Please ask your child if they have working earbuds at school. If not, we really need you to send some to school for them. You can get these for $1 or even less at places like The Dollar Store or Walmart. We recommend you get two or three pair, so they have a replacement when the first ones stop working or get lost. Please help us by making sure your child has earbuds at school at all times. Thank you!

Math with Mrs. Baldwin

This week, we will be focusing on dividing decimal numbers by one-digit whole numbers using models and the standard algorithm. Next Wednesday we will TEST over multiplying decimals and dividing decimals by one-digit whole numbers.

We will be having a Weekly Wrap-Up on Friday this week!

We are currently working on Week 17 on Mountain Math. You can see a snapshot of the current (and past weeks) Mountain math boards on my Google site, under the 'Mountain Math' tab.

TWO new TTM lessons are expected to be completed this week, and are due on Monday, January 11th. Students should have a minimum of 23 TTM lessons completed by next Monday.

Science/Social Studies with Miss Roberts


We will continue our study of the water cycle. Students will design a water cycle setting poster. This assignment will be explained/completed in class.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we will continue our unit over The American Revolution. Students will be starting a research project over an important event in The Revolution. The end result will be a class wide American Revolution timeline put together from the individual projects.

ELA with Mrs. Godfrey


Required Weekly Reading "Time for Kids" Magazine

I have not received the weekly "Time for Kids" magazine, so it will be passed out as soon as it comes in or we might not have an issue to read this week.


We will complete DLR (Daily Language Review) weekly in class. One of the goals of DLR is for students to be able to transfer what we go over in class to their own writing. We will review and cover: antonyms/synonyms, quotation marks, differentiating between similes and metaphors, 4 types of sentences, parts of a friendly letter, contractions, possessive nouns, analogies, parts of speech, context clues, using different resources to look up information, and homophones. We will be reviewing each of these skills throughout the year. A majority of students need to make sure that they know the difference between there, their, and they're. Contractions have been a little tricky as well. Students need to remember to put the apostrophe in between the "n" and the "t", like in "can't", "didn't", and "wouldn't".


All students should be able to log into our class Kidblog account. Please encourage your child to check it regularly. It's a fun way to connect with classmates and to read/write! If your child has any questions about logging in, please contact me.

Vocabulit (Spelling):

We will be studying Vocabulit Lesson 18 the week of January 11. A pre-test will be given on Monday, January 11th. This will be a study guide for the week. Please ask your child to show you the Spelling chart since it is very handy when helping your child study or when he/she is completing the Spelling homework. Homework will be due by Friday, and we will be taking the Spelling test/Vocabulit quiz on Friday, The weekly homework is to complete exercises 3-5 on pages 67-68 from the Vocabulit book. Your child may write their answers on a piece of notebook paper or you can make a copy of the pages for your child to write on. We talked about how they can also make a copy of the homework pages at home. Homework may be turned in anytime before Friday or on Friday. I cannot provide extra copies of the weekly lesson since it is in the Vocabulit book. The Vocabulit book is a hardcover textbook, and it is very thin. You should see this book coming home this week. I have noticed that several students have not been studying the spelling, parts of speech, and definitions of the Vocabulit words. Completing the weekly homework is a way to review the words.

I highly recommend that students do not wait until Thursday night to complete the entire assignment. If your child can do 1 exercise a night, that would hopefully lessen the stress on him/her. I have reminded students that doing homework is practicing and helping them prepare for the Spelling test/Vocabulit quiz on Fridays. Each class is competing against the other 2 classes. I keep a tally count of how many students in each class turn in their Spelling homework. I changed the contest a little since I noticed that some students were just rushing through their homework just to turn it in. I want them to check it over before they turn it in! So, each student in a class will earn a tally mark only if they turn in the homework by Friday AND their grade on the homework is a 70% or above. The winning class receives $5 on their behavior bank and a Spelling homework pass (good for 2 Vocabulit exercises).

Weekly Spelling homework will be assigned on Mondays or on Tuesdays (if Monday is a holiday). We will add the assignment and due date into the calendar on the iPad or write it down in a planner.. The exercises that are assigned are from the Vocabulit book. It will be very important for your child to remember to bring home the Vocabulit book, in order to complete the exercises.

Exercise 3 is always determining the synonyms and antonyms for the master words. Exercise 4 are analogies. I told my classes that an analogy looks like this: Hot : cold :: defeat : _____________ (victory). But it is read like this: Hot is to cold as defeat is to victory. Exercise 5 is usually choosing the correct word to complete a sentence, and exercise 6 varies (word puzzle, write a story/poem, draw pictures to represent the words).

Please check your child's iPad calendar for the exact HW assignment. Also, logging into Spelling City (Spellingcity.com) can be beneficial. I recommend downloading the Spelling City app, and you will not have to sign up for an account. Just search for my name (Ruth Godfrey) and your child can practice this week's Spelling words on this website.