16 Personalities

By: Vincent Tran

Overall Reation

I wasn't really surprised from these results. Everything the result said I can see my self doing.


Im a Consul (ESFJ-A). Some strengths of this type are very loyal, good at connecting with others, and have a strong sense of duty. All this stuff can help with everyday task that I need to do.


There also a tons of weaknesses that can affect everyday task. Such as I'm not as flexible, Reluctant to improvise, and Often to needy. All these things can be improved on to help me perform better.


Consuls really want in a relationship are a mate that will always be with them no matter where they are. They are also very serious about their relationship. They also want to know that their mate loves them.


Consuls make very good parents because they're warm and kind hearted. They also want to make sure that their children are happy and safe. The family is one of the most important thing to a person with the consuls personalities.

Career Paths

Consuls are very organized and really like to work with tons of people. They also really like to bring structure to their work place. Consuls also work best in a clean and organized environment.

Work Place Habits

One of Consuls habits is trying to make work as fair as possible for everyone. Since they are also kind hearted and warm they use this advantage to make sure everyone knows their role. They also are very hard workers making sure they get everything done.


Overall, Consuls are very caring and practical. They are also very good at keeping a very stable friendship or relationship. They also really want to help improve themselves to do their tasks to the best of their ability
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