DCA Welcome Letter

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Welcome to the DCA!

Greetings DCA Families!

We would like to welcome you to the Downingtown Cyber Academy on behalf of our entire staff. Please read this welcome carefully and reach out if you have any questions!


Kecia Nesmith, Principal

Kristie Burk, Coordinator for Online Learning


DCA students follow the same calendar and letter days as the brick-and-mortar schools, including early dismissals, two-hour delays, and inclement weather days. In the event of an early dismissal or a two-hour delay, students should check Schoology for any adjusted Zoom times.

Zoom Schedules

Your student's Zoom schedule is posted on our website. Click on the tab at the bottom of the page to find your child's grade! Students will follow a 6-day A-F schedule that matches the rest of the district.


K-5 DCA teachers will take attendance during Zoom sessions for students each day/class. Students are required to attend their Zooms unless the family has signed a Personalized Learning Agreement (PLPA). Please visit our website to learn more about a PLPA.

If students have a PLPA, they must complete at least one assignment or activity in each subject every week to demonstrate their presence. If they fail to do so, they will be retroactively marked absent in the class for the week.


Teachers will post all the material for your child's classes on Monday. For maximum flexibility, all work is due by the end of the day on Sunday.


Students will receive either an iPad or a Chromebook from their home buildings to use for the DCA. If you do not currently have a school-issued device in your possession, please contact the main office of the student's home school to arrange a pick-up.


We've put together some student and parent tutorials to help you get acclimated. Please view this slideshow for tutorials on Google, Schoology, Infinite Campus and Zoom.

Weekly Updates

Families will receive weekly updates from the DCA Admin Team. You can read past updates on our website.

Special Education

If your child has an IEP or a GIEP, the case manager should be reaching out to you if they haven't already to discuss supports for the student's cyber education.

Elementary Schools

The Downingtown Cyber Academy is considered a program and not a school. Therefore, all full-time and part-time students are still considered students in their home buildings. Students are encouraged to participate in any clubs, activities, sports, and events at their home elementary school.

All DCA parents will continue to receive newsletters from their home principals for this reason!


Please be sure to review the DCA handbook.

Role of Parents and Guardians

Whether your student is in the DCA part-time or full-time, the role of the parents/guardians is very important. Parents can help their child be successful by

  • encouraging your student to create a calendar of the Zoom times.
  • help your student create a weekly to-do list.
  • verify that lessons and assignments are completed in Schoology by Sunday.
  • communicate with the teachers if the student is struggling.
  • monitor grades and attendance in Campus and Schoology.