Zones of Regulation

Hopefully the beginning of the year has treated you well. By now you should have your routines in practice and students should be in the full swing of things. This months newsletter will focus on the Zones of Regulation. The Zones of Regulation is a method for students to visually identify their emotions to a color and to better help them recognize what they are feeling and how to change the emotion.

What are the four zones

These definitions are directly from the Zones of Regulation website.

  • The Red Zone
  • The Yellow Zone
  • The Green Zone
  • The Blue Zone

Helpful Links

Below are three links that may be helpful.

The first link is from the Zones of Regulation website. There are some good free resources that may be beneficial in explaining the zones of regulation to your students as well as resources to utilize for behavior/emotion recoginition.

The second link has some great articles on social thinking and Zones of Regulation

The third link is the Facebook page for Zones of Regulation. The page shares videos and articles that may be useful.

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