Newtons 3rd Law of Motion

By: Paige Thompson

About Newtons 3rd Law of Motion

Newtons 3rd law states that forces occur in equal but opposite pairs, or in other words for every action there is a opposite or equal reaction. This was Newtons last law of motion discovered in the 1680's. This law was created because Newton realized that if one object exerted a force on another, the other object would react in some way. Newtons 3rd law is often referred to as "Newtons Law of Action-Reaction".

Interesting Fact about Newtons 3rd Law that Can Occur in Everyday Conversation

Do you ever talk about how you can be mean to one person, and that person be nice back? Well like Newtons 3rd Law of Motion states, for every action there is a opposite or equal reaction, and in this case one person is mean to another and the other person is reacting with the opposite by being nice. An interesting fact is that Newtons 3rd law occurs in your everyday life. When your driving in a car and you're going really fast, then you stop and your body jolts forward that is Newtons 3rd Law acting upon you, so whether you know it or not Newtons 3rd Law often comes up in your daily conversations, and your everyday life.

Newtons 3rd Law of Motion occurs in Sports

Doesn't almost everybody like sports, because I know I do, and so does Newtons 3rd law of motion! When a person is dribbling a basketball it is an action, and when the basketball hits the ground and comes back up that is the reaction, otherwise the ball would hit the ground and stay there. Not only does this law occur in basketball, but also baseball and many other sports as well. When a person hits a baseball with their bat it is their action, and when the ball hits off the bat, and flys in to the outfield it is the balls reaction. Newtons 3rd Law occurs EVERYWHERE, even in sports!:)
In the picture above the ball is being bounced on the ground which is the action, and when it bounces up off of the ground it is the opposite reaction which is Newtons 3rd Law of Motion.