A Tangle of Knots

Lisa Graff

Candy // Protagonist

Candy is a 11 year old orphan with shiny black. She has an amazing talent, backing flawless cakes. Candy is a very small girl. she is always confident in what she is doing especially backing cakes. Candy is very brilliant in her ways and hopes to find the perfect family to adopt her. She can sense what kind of cake you are and sense if you are sour or sweet. She is a very intelligent girl and loves her special favorite friend Miss Mallory. she is extremely thoughtful and skillful.

Toby // Protagonist

Toby is a boy who is trying to find his talent. He is very determined to find his true talent.

Toby is a very loyal friend to Candy. He is really sweet and thoughtful. Toby cheers for Candy at the baking competition. He is friendly to all of those around him. He is very calm full during bad situations. Toby is one of those kids who always listen.

Miss Mallory // supporting character

Miss Mallory owns Homes for lost Girls in New York. she barley has any orphans though only Candy. Miss Mallory loves watching Candy bake cakes. she is very determined to find all her orphans a great home. She keeps her promises always. She came to see Candy bake at the competition. Miss Mallory is always positive and in a happy mode. She loves all her orphans very much and loves spending time with them.


I really enjoyed reading this book I could not stop reading. this book is really organized. every character has there own chapter. This book is one of my favorite. It was a very adventurous book. The author made a very magical delicious story. Every couple of chapter the author puts a cake recipe , which I think is I very creative way. I totally recommend this book for others to read.