Articles of Confederation

Why it's Good and Bad!

Why it's good

  • it showed that the United States could start at least some form of government on it's own!
  • was able to build and control an army
  • had the ability to deal with foreign countries on behalf of the states

What's it like?

  • it was a document drawn up by the Second Continental Congress
  • included a unified army for the states
  • set up a legislature where each state had one vote

Why it wasn't so good (and eventually led to Shay's Rebellion)

  • the National Government couldn't enforce laws so even if they were ratified, the states could basically ignore them
  • the national government couldn't tax
  • 9 out of 13 states were needed to pass a law, 13 out of 13 states were needed to amend a law
  • there were no executive or judicial branches
  • states were suffering economically when states started to tax one another because it hurt trade