Gary Cooper

American Actor


Gary Cooper was born on May 7, 1901. He lived on a farm owned by his wealthy father. He went to a very prestigious school in England. He was injured in a automobile accident and was left to recover at his fathers farm. While at the farm he learned to ride horses. Little did he know that his knowledge of horse riding would come in handy. After that he tried to make a living off his chosen passion which was political cartooning, his friends suggested that he try to be in extra in cowboy movies. His agent Nan Collins thought that Cooper could be a star. He ended up being very famous and starred in a lot of great movies despite in the beginning of his career he could not act at all. Gary Cooper died of cancer on May 13, 1961 in Beverly Hills.


Gary Cooper didn't have much of an impact on society. He starred in a few movies that weren't too popular. His more famous movies were beyond the 1920s