Copyright and licence web flyer

By: Cole Smith

What is Copyright?

A copyright is collection of rights. Some of those rights, right to sell it, alter it, lease it, and lend it. When something is copyrighted, if it is tangible.

what is a licence?

A licence is permission to do something, Driving licence gives you permission to use the roads.

Types of licences.

Public domain: Isn't protected by copyright law because it has expired. You can make a copy of romeo and juliet but not life of pie because romeo and juliet is expired.

Freeware: Copyrighted work that you can use or give away for free. Itunes or safari.

Shareware: you can use and share the work for free and limited time if you want to use it limitlessly you have to pay.

All rights reserved: Allows the user who bought it to use it restrictedly. Microsoft.

Open source: software that includes the source code with the idea that someone can improve it.

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