Hidden Valley Weekly Bulletin

Week of 10/12 - 10/16

Principal Point to Ponder

"Data Don't Lie"

Now we test and assess excessively her in North Carolina, but where does that lead us. What are we doing with the data? Where does it go? What does it measure? how do we make it work for us? These are all questions that we have to think about and answer as we prepare for the weeks ahead.

When thinking about all of the wonderful DIBELS/TRC data we should be thinking of that small group instruction. What kiddos do we need to pull during small group time in our class, what skills do they students need practice on, and how many times do they need to be pulled.

Our Common Assessment data is going to be the driving force for our W.I.N time intervention block. What does our data say? We set off in the beginning of the year with a curriculum map, common assessment in hand, and a plan to teach the skills and standards that we mapped. But, what happens when we get that data back? What has it told us? Are we doing a good job teaching the standards? Are the students showing mastery? Do we need to adjust our practices? These are all questions that we have to answer as we are looking at our data. If the data is not up to par, what are we doing about it? How will we re-teach the skills that the students did not master. The W.I.N. time is the perfect time for that. As we move on to the new skills and standards in our regular reading, math, and science blocks, we need to go back and re-teach the previously taught standards in our W.I.N. blocks. We will be very transparent with our data at Hidden Valley, we will be looking at what is working, what is not working, and what we need to do to ensure that standard mastery is occurring. I hope that you are taking to time this week to reflect upon the data, think about what was already done, what worked, and what needs to be fixed.

I am excited to see all the work that you have done in the data talks this week.

Kudos and Celebrations

* We want to welcome our new staff member that came to us this past week. Ms. Cooke, welcome to 2nd grade.

* We want to welcome Ms. Robinson to our 4th grade team. She will be teaching Math and Science to our 4th graders

* Kudos to Mr. Anthony who has graciously agreed to accept the challenge of taking the other Science Lab teaching position. You will be great.

* The ESL team and Ms. E. held a parent meeting for parents of newcomers with food and guest speaker. Approximately 15 parents showed.

*Kudos to Ms. Beckham for jumping right in to the front office and doing a fantastic job.

*Kudos to Ms. Jorge for being a team player and jumping right in to all sorts of tasks in the absence of others

* We want to wish Ms. McCoy best of luck as she has been promoted as a CMS systems engineer. We wish you the best, you are the Bomb.com

* Special thank you to ALL TAs who covered classes this month of Testember. Students did not lose out on instruction thanks to your expertise and dedication.

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Instructional Strategy of the Wek

5th grade literacy teachers are using an excellent RACE acronym to teach students to respond to text dependent questions. Not only that, but they are doing this with their Social Studies content. This is a interdisciplinary approach to learning. Reading, Writing ,and Social Studies OHH MY.

What to Expect This Week

Monday- 10/12 (Day 3)

- Wear your school uniform colors

- 4th grade Bully prevention program @ 12:45- Allison, Goss, Pratt

- Beginner Teacher Meeting @ 3:15

Tuesday - 10/13 (Day 4)

- Tie Tuesday

- Fundraiser Pep Rally- (8:00 am 3rd, 4th, 5th) (9:00am PreK, K, 1st, 2nd) - in the gym

- 4th grade Bully prevention program @ 12:45- Hunter and Chastain

- Data Talks- 5th @ 8am, 2nd @9am, K @ 12:45 pm

Wednesday - 10/14 (Day 5)

- Data Talks - 1st @ 11am

- Staff Meeting - General @ 3:15

Thursday- 10/15 (Day 1)

- 4th grade Bully prevention program @ 12:45- Robinson and Austin

- Girl Scout Meeting @ 3pm

-PTO meeting @ 4pm

Friday - 10/16 (Day 2)

- Wear your college shirts and Jeans

- Data Talks- 3rd @10am, 4th @ 1:45pm

Upcoming Events

- 3rd grade Fire Safety 10/19

-Hispanic Heritage Celebration 10/22

-Teach Work Day- Teacher Conferences 10/23

-Energy Assembly 10/26

- Fall Pictures 10/28

- Awards Assembly 10/30- during specials

- Staff Outing 10/30

- Extraordinary Eagle 10/30

- RTA retention test 10/30

- Book Fair Week of Nov 2

- Family Literacy Night 11/5

-Muffins for Moms 11/5

- Chik Fil A Night 11/12- University Chik Fil A