McLeod Moments

Moments from the GT classroom at Cedar Creek Elementary

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Next week, our school will be full of parents visiting with teachers to hear how your child's year as started off. I am going to do my best to attend as many of the 50 conferences as I can. I love to hear what is going on in the regular classroom for each of my students. I will be there to support GT students in whatever way I can. I might only be able to stay for half of your conference because I am trying to attend all the conferences. If you would like to set up a separate conference with me, please send me an e mail with time suggestions that would work for you and we will schedule a conference.
GT Student Progress Reports will be coming out very soon. The GT Specialist have changed the progress letters to reflect work and behaviors of students in class. A few years ago, we changed the progress reports and piloted the version of progress reports you have been seeing. This version is an iteration of the progress report based on professional development all district teachers received this summer, patterns we noticed amongst students and work and behaviors we observe in class. If you click on Student Progress Reports, it will take you to the parent resource page on my website that has an example of the progress report and a letter from the district GT specialist explaining the change. I will also be sending these resources to you via e mail. Please look for your child's progress report to come home next week.

Items Needed and Upcoming Events

The GT classroom is in need of:

  • Shoes boxes of all sizes for our model school
  • Parents to supervise glue gunning for bridges 11/9-11/12 from 10:25-11:10 I need 4 parents each day :)!!!
  • 12/3- Tentative Date for UT Span Contest Field Trip for 3rd Grade
  • 12/9- Architecture Field Trip for 4th Grade

Book Orders

Clicking on the link above will take you to my scholastic ordering page. I have all of the grade levels book orders available in my classroom and I just got a special Christmas gift catalog (Yikes! Can you believe it is that time already?). Ordering books this way makes it possible for me to order free books for the classroom. My order code is: 2JfUM & I will place an order the week of October 26th- GET THOSE ORDERS IN.

GT Testing

It is that time of the year where I will begin testing students who are interested in becoming part of the GT program. In order to get the testing process done in a timely manor, I cancel GT classes for a bit. All GT classes will be cancelled from 10/28-11/6, 11/23 &11/24. 1st & 2nd grade classes will not 11/9-11/12. 3rd-5th grade classes will resume on 11/9 because we have architects and engineers coming to work with us on projects.

Get In Touch With Mrs. McLeod

Yeah! Fall is here! I love this time of year; reading in my hammock, college football, pumpkin spice latte, Halloween, cooler weather, long sleeves, bring it on!