St. Patrick's Day Special!

Are you in the Lucky 7?

Find Your Pot of GOLD!

For 7 Lucky Friends, you can join Plexus for the cheapest prices by signing up Wholesale. What does this mean?

You upgrade from being an existing customer or sign up wholesale to get the very best prices!

Common Questions:

Do I have to order every month?

NO! You control your orders - what, how, and when you will receive them!

Do I have to sell Plexus?

NO! Most people that sign up this way only use it for the discounted prices. Think of it like a Costco membership-- but a lot cheaper!

What if I do share and have friends join me?

That's great! You will find that you are generously compensated! We can even show you how to get your products FREE or even earn a few hundred dollars extra a month!

Is there a minimum to purchase?

NO! If you wish to receive commission on your order, then your order needs to be over $100 in personal volume. We can explain all the lingo if you need help!

Why would someone not sign up this way?

Beats me! It is the cheapest way and you can earn money back even on your own purchases. With us paying you back the $34.95 to join, it is a no brainer. But hurry-- only 7 spots open!!