The Film

By: Kate Northrop


Kate went to the University of Pennsylvania and Iowa. Her poetry engage themes of history, loss and return. She's won the Paumanok Poetry Award and the American Academy of Poets Prize. She has taught at West Chester University and the University of Wyoming. Her first book is called "Back through Interruption". She currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Film By Kate Northrop

Come, let’s go in.

The ticket-taker

has shyly grinned

and it’s almost time,

Lovely One.

Let’s go in.

The wind tonight’s too wild.

The sky too deep,

too thin. Already it’s time.

The lights have dimmed.

Come, Loveliest.

Let’s go in

and know these bodies

we do not have to own, passing

quietly as dreams, as snow.

Already leaves are falling

and music begins.

Lovely One,

it’s time.

Let’s go in.

Meaning & Theme

The meaning of this poem is that time is short and you need to grab hold of it but you also need to see the beauty in reality while allowing time to escape it for awhile. It expresses the way that people can lose themselves and forget reality with movies and films and captures the beauty and it is a way to escape the wildness of reality. "The wind tonight's too wild", "know these bodies we do not have to own".

The poem is describing going to a film but it is also describing escaping from real life while in the movies and feeling free because of that, whether it takes the viewer away from a bad day or just whatever is going on in life. "the sky too deep", "passing quietly as dreams, as snow".

The theme is that films are an escape from reality.
The Film By Kate Northrop