My Seventh Birthday

By: Hannah Price

The day of my seventh birthday, the day I became an owner of one very important animal. I became an owner of a special horse that has a place in my heart, Annamay. It seems like it was just yesterday. Everybody gathered around me, watching me rip the multi-colored paper out of its place in the bag. Bag after bag, I became happier and happier,then there were no more and I was overjoyed with all the people who I loved and who loved me.

After I started saying my thanks and giving hugs,I suddenly heard my Mimi's voice saying, "Wait, we have one more for you, but it's outside." My mind went blank with every possible thing that could be outside. I look down at my bare feet, then went to slide on some shoes. When I came out of my room a few seconds later, everybody was gone and going outside . The only person in my house, besides me, was my Mimi.

When I walked up to her she put her hands on my eyes and she began to lead me. Soon after we met the door and though the door we went. " Are you ready for me to take my hands off your eyes?" questioned my Mimi. I felt the sun beams enter my pupils within seconds. Soon the form of the horse I have been training appeared. Next to Annamay was my Pawpaw.

A big red bow was on the very top of Annamay's head. Shock rushed through my body and met my finger tips. I felt smiles facing me. That day I said thank you so many times I can't even count. I felt blessed and loved.

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