Hydrogen Element

Corey Cress 12/21/15 Pd:5

Hydrogen's History

A chemist named Robert Boyle made the element Hydrogen to put on the Periodic Table. Hydrogen is an inflammable solution of mars. It is the most common element on the Periodic Table.


You have a lot of water in your body and Hydrogen and Oxygen make water so you are most filled with Hydrogen in your body

Uses of Hydrogen

Hydrogen's most irrelevant use for hydrogen is to make welding machines and hydrogen is all around you.


Its description Is it makes up of 2 or 3 atoms


Anything living in the universe has Hydrogen, you need Hydrogen to survive, there is even Hydrogen in lava!!!

Properties of Hydrogen

Hydrogen as a solid weighs 88 kg, Hydrogen's volume is 196 cm, Hydrogen's conductivity is 206 wm

Intresting Facts

An interesting fact about Hydrogen is its the most common element in the universe and every world in our universe has Hydrogen in it
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