Zumba Fitness Classes

This summer: Join us for Zumba and MORE!

Zumba at the track in Guttenberg - Monday & Thursday mornings at 6:00 A.M.

Beginning June 6th, Zumba will be offered at the track. The first 45 minutes are like a dance party. After that, for those who want to stay, we will do some other exercising such as weight lifting, strength training, and possibly more cardio. CRAZY, but good!

Still don't know if it's for you?

Summer sessions outside are FREE! Come and check it out!
What do you have to lose?

What do you need?

It's a guaranteed calorie burner!

What if I'm not a good dancer?

You don't have to be a talented dancer to participate in Zumba! Sometimes it takes a few sessions to start getting the hang of it, but the moves are easy to follow.

Other logistics?

We will begin on Thursday, June 6th. Right now I am thinking Mondays & Thursdays, but I am flexible. If it is raining on either morning, we will probably move it to Tuesday or Friday! The current time is 6:00, but that might slightly change as well. I will also be gone for a few days in July...