I Survived Pompeii

Lauren Tarshis

The genre of this book is realistic fiction because this could really happen.

The main character is Marcus is a different type he only worries for is own live not no one else. He is trying to survive the destruction of a volcano erupting and a tsunami hitting. He is running for his life his dad already died. Yes the character survived key word I Survived The book title.

A volcano erupt while a tsunami hits, he is running for his life. My Favorite part is when he gets shock because it was a eye opener that he was in trouble. I recommend this book for fun because you can lean thing this happen so long ago you may come out smarter. Did he survive the Pompeii you wont know until you read.


Every body that has read this book loves it. Every time they read it they learn more about Pompeii.


Can you believe that you can read about a real event.


'The New York Times bestselling I SURVIVED expands to include this thrilling nonfiction exploration of five true stories, from the Titanic to the Chenille Tornadoes.'