Hogue, A.


body Did you know that crayfish blend in? Yes it’s true.They come in lot’s of different colors to blend in like red and white,pink,blue,and lot’s of other colors.They can grow up to 16 inches and 14 centimeters. habitat Sometimes crayfish can use their antennas to feel and hear. There’s a lot of storms and lots of crazy weather whery crayfish live.Did you know that sometimes over at their home it gets so ice cold that the crayfish can not live their isn’t that amazing because it hot places or cold places. eat Crayfish eat dead animals don’t you think that’s gross and dead plants.they eat fish, eggs, worms, snails and insects.when they get in a fight they open their claws to give it a second chance to warn them to not go near when it get to the third chance it pinches the predator but don’t worry they won’t get you.Crayfish catch their prey during the night scientists have discovered 250,000 kinds of species shrimp Lobsters and Hermit crabs and are all related in the same way.Crayfish can pinch predators this is one of their special abilities.Most crayfish live underwater.Most of the time crayfish can blind in.Most crayfish eat their skin after they sheed.Most scientist have found more than 250,000 crayfish species.

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