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Hollywood Undead is a nu-metal (Alternative or rock with rapping, a lot better than it sounds. Other nu-metal bands include Linkin Park, Slipknot, Korn, etc) band that originated from LA in 2005. The band got started up when Jorel Decker and Aron Erlichman decided yo recruit "Whoever was in the room and could play instruments". Then, Jeff Philips, George Ragan, Jordon Terrel, Dylan Alvarez and Matthew St. Claire joined. Their rise to fame came from their single called "Undead" in 2008. Their first album Swan Songs was created in a year, but their first label MySpace Records tried to censor their album, so they left and got signed with A&M (Octone) Records. Swan Songs was released in September 2009.

Every member (and past members) use pseudonyms or stage names, and their own individual hockey goaltender-style mask to conceal their identities on stage. Their masks sometimes change over time, like on every album cover some of their masks have been modified, it's pretty rad.

Sadly, fights have broken out between some or all of the members before and Deuce (Aron Erlichman) and Shady Jeff (Jeff Philips) have left the band. Their current members are Charlie Scene (Jordon Terrel), J3T A.K.A Johnny 3 Tears (George Ragan),Danny (Daniel Murillo), Da Kurlzz (Matthew St. Claire), J-Dog (Jorel Decker), and Funny Man (Dylan Alvarez).

Their songs discuss topics such as depression, having a broken family, having wrath towards people that have pushed you around, being addicted to fatal things because it's your last resort, all the way to not caring about other people's (incorrect) and mean opinions towards their music, and partying till you can't anymore. That's another reason why I love them; someone who is depressed has moment where they want to party or other times where they, in stead of taking it out on themselves, get mad at other people, or they almost throw everything away, then the next minute they're in love. Their songs cover a lot of key areas for me and I'm sure they'll hit a few nerves with you too. The members now have an even stronger friendship and the members and the fans are a family to them. Fans of HU like me are a part of what is called the "Undead Army" and I'll let you think about the meaning behind that and the actual name of the band. I'll give you a hint: it has a much deeper meaning and it has nothing to do with actual zombies/ undead beings.

Now, go listen to them, or the Undead Army will be "coming after you in your sleep and at night and there's nothing you can do, there's no place you can hide, 'cause we're coming after you~" (Lyrics from "Another Way Out" HU)

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