-Integrating iPads into your curriculum-

::Enhancing 21st Century Learning- Plymouth Regional High School::

Start developing efficient and effective ways to utilize iPads in your classroom by incorporating these Best Practices into your digital curriculum:

1. Flipped Classrooms

Take advantage of teachable moments by changing the dynamics and enhancing independent learning in your classroom! Encourage students to share their favorite educational apps and presentation tools with the class or entice them to investigate new relevant apps and share their pros and cons!

2. Collaboration

Utilizing iPads can instantly start engaging collaboration within your classroom! Assign group projects such as producing pod casts and videos, utilizing collaboration tools or creating digital presentations! The use of the iPad will give your students instant access to materials and resources and keep their group work flowing.

3. Technology as a Transformative Tool

Develop strategies to improve your students academic achievement by incorporating iPads into your daily teaching techniques as a supportive tool. Incorporate tools such as Padlet to teach a collaborative lesson, launch a discussion forum or create lessons utilizing the iPads that challenge your students by incorporating problem solving and reflection.

PRHS, share your iPad success stories and classroom best practices!

The PRHS community would love to hear how you are integrating iPads into your curriculum! Share your ideas, favorite apps and best classroom collaboration stories by emailing me at ef1010@plymouth.edu and have your stories shared in our new monthly technology news letter!