Fun in First with Mrs. Crist

2015-2016 First Grade Happenings


Welcome to 1C's Newsletter! If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me at any time! Thank you!


Please LABEL your child's belongings. There are a lot of the same snow pants, gloves, etc. so in order to make sure they are your child's please write their name on them. If you need me to help please ask and I can do it at school!


MONDAY, January 4th

  • Art

TUESDAY, January 5th

  • Tuesday is STARRY Spirit Day!
  • PE...please wear gym shoes
  • Library...please return your library books!

WEDNESDAY, January 6th

  • PE...please wear gym shoes
  • Music

THURSDAY, January 7th

  • Think College Thursdays... wear your favorite college gear or colors to support secondary education!
  • PE...please wear gym shoes
  • Library checkout only...please return your library books!

FRIDAY, January 8th

  • PE...please wear gym shoes
  • Music
  • Test: Comprehension (questions about the story of the week)


Stories: Animal Groups, Animal Picnic

Test on Friday: Comprehension


  • Compare and Contrast
  • Long i words: bike, white, kite, like, time, drive

Essential Question:

  • What makes birds different from mammals?

Words of the week:

  • bird, fly, those, both, long, walk, eyes, or


  • scale: a tool that measures weight
  • directions: instructions about how to do something
  • swivel: turn or spin in one spot
  • sensitive: aware of changes or details
  • threatened: said you were going to do harm
  • alert: aware of what is happening and ready for action


This week we are practicing...

  • Taking surveys and talking about what we learned from the information collected
  • Sorting by a certain rule (color, size, etc)

Here is what else we are reviewing:

  • Coins and their values
  • Time: to the hour and half hour
  • Balanced Equations (ex: 5-1=4+0)


  • BRING A COAT, HAT, AND GLOVES! It's been very chilly outside!
  • When there is snow, please bring snow pants and boots (please label all your child's things)
  • Bring a water bottle to school
  • Empty your take home folder daily
  • If your child is going home different than normal, please send a note to myself and the office. I will always send your child to their normal pick up place unless I have a note.



December 23rd Early Out

December 24th-January 3rd Winter Break


January 4th School Resumes