Judgements in Walk Two Moons

By Lonis cednia


The Novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech is about a girl named Sal who is telling a story about her relationship with her freind Pheobe while she's on trip with her grandparents to find her mother.


throughout the novel Sal And phoebe who jump to conclusions before Walking Two moons in there moccasins.


Mr. Birkway is one of the judged characters by Pheobe. Pheobe thinks that Mr. Birkway helped kill Mr. Cadaver with Mrs.Cadaver. "Like Mr. cadaver-as I told you before. Maybe Mr. Birkway helped her chop up her husband and bury him and maybe they were getting the rhododendron bush."p.86. Actually Mr. Cadaver died in a car crash.


Another judged character by Pheobe is Mrs. Cadaver. Pheobe claimed that Mrs. Cadaver murdered her husband. As Pheobe goes on about her idea Sal starts to believe in her idea a little bit. Mr. Birkway coughed. "I want to explain something" he. "Mrs. Cadaver is my sister."p.218


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