He-Brains and She-Brains

Behavior and capacity of intellegence differences

Are there really differences between male and female brains making one smarter or act better than the other? Throughout the brain there are different pathways and connections between the different sexes. Scientists have been debating on which gender has the strongest , fastest running , superior , and better brain. The ways male and female brains look at problems is different, because of the way the brain reacts to the situation or problem.Because the male and female brains are different, their capacity for intelligence and the way they behave is different,as well.
Male and female brains are really built differently (Khazan 1). By looking at MRI s ,using diffusion images , scientists have explored the brain finding different pathways, and bundles of axons that act as highways routing information from one part of the mind to the other (Khazan 1). Both sexes think that their brain is better, stronger, and more superior than the other . Tests, researches, and x-rays have shown that the male brain is 12% - 20% larger than the female brain ( Khazan 1) . Does this mean that the male brain also has larger capacity of intelligence?
The way male and female brains react to a problem or their intelligence to solve the problem are different as well. According to these pictures, different connection spots have different pathways connecting them, which means there are different strongnesses and weaknesses between the brains. Also the pictures show that the female brain has more connections in the front of the brain , which male brains do not have , but the male brains have a lot more than the female brains in the middle and back of the brains. This means that the male brain has some really stronger connections and intelligences in different parts of their brain. Since the female brain is different from the male brain, the female brain is stronger in some areas that men aren't strong at. Intelligence makes a person smarter or stronger in that peculiar area. The brain is made into different parts that the different sexes are weaker or stronger in. These weaknesses and strongnesses change the behavior of the male and female brains.
( The top two brains are the male brains and the bottom two are the female brains.)

There are different connections in different places of the different brains. This shows that there are stronger and weaker places between the brains. One of the sexes is stronger than the other in one place which means that this sex has more intelligence in this place.
Scientists have long known that male and female brains are distinct, but the degree of these differences , and whether they impact the behavior is still somewhat a mystery(Khazan 1). Between all of the different connections, parts, and pathways , there is a difference between how each brain behaves. The brain tells the different parts of the body what to do to react to the problem or situation. Sometimes the age of the human and brain effects on how good (fast) the brain can tell the body how to react. This is why different ages of people think about, respond to, and solve what is happening around them. The brains behavior sometimes can't be controlled .
For a long, long time scientists have been questioning and discovering the differences between he-brains and she-brains. Huge discoveries have shown these differences including on how they brain reacts to what is happening around them. Males and females have different brains that are strong and weak in some situations that the other is better in. Also the capacity of intelligence, the behavior , and much more have been discovered and still are being explored.

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