Tidal Power

Kayla and Bailey

What is Tidal Power?

  • Tidal power, also called wave power, is using waves to create energy
  • Renewable energy source
  • Mostly used to generate electricity

Why should we Use Tidal Power?

  • Tidal power is the most promising source of energy for today and the future
  • The tides are predictable; you'll know when you can have the most amount of energy
  • The energy plants can run up to 100 years and don't cost a lot of money to operate
  • On average, operating a plant costs anywhere from $4.5 $12.4 million

Tidal Power is sometimes hard to get, but it is a very useful energy source!

Environmental Impact

  • The fuel to power tidal plants is non-polluting
  • Tidal power plants can affect water levels and sea currents, but they do not produce air pollution