Message from the Chief Editors' desk

It gives me immense pleasure to get an opportunity to bring forth the children's creativity. It has been noticed by the magazine committee that the students are taking a lot of interest to expose their creative skills to us, as in the parents, teachers and everyone else. We as a team are working towards a creative magazine and also the monthly newsletters. This newsletter basically highlights the student government, as in what their goals are for this year. The magazine committee has also included the creativity section. My deputies and I are working towards the annual magazine. We want it to look creative as well as colourful. Our photography partners Kenneth Alvares and Kimberly Rodrigues are taking the initiative of clicking pictures of the events taking place. The editor, sub-editor, deputy are also taking the initiative to help out the ministers. My partner Sugam and I are expecting a lot of exposure from the students. We want them to show their potential in every possible aspect and be the best that they can be.

We urge all of you to contribute your talents in the form of essays, art work and anything that you feel should feature in the newsletter that is your own.

“Work for a better, brighter tomorrow …….your tomorrow. Millenniums will come and is just a change of date. Don't just sit and wait for things to happen, make them happen. That will be the day when borrowing will cease and each one, yes; each one of you will see a new creative self. Only the discovery remains……………Good luck, always!”

Asmita Sen

Editor in chief

The editorial team that did it all!

Magazine coordinator- Tr. Jennifer Parras

Ministers of Magazine- Asmita Sen and Sugam Kumar

Deputy Ministers of Magazine- Angad Bhatia and Agni Pavlenko

Editor- Amira Benaulikar

Sub-editor- Radha Eklahare

A special thanks to the following for helping the editorial team achieve its success and present the first ever newsletter made by the students and for the students. Your contribution is much appreciated.


Kimberly Rodrigues- Editing and Photography

Kenneth Alvares- Photography

Raineera Barreto- Co-ordinating

Nolan Lobo- Photography

Tr. Shilpa Sinari- Creative Editor

Goals of our School Government

“He who binds to himself a joy Does the winged life destroy; but he who kisses the joy as it flies Lives in eternity's sun rise.”

Q & A with our Presidents and Vice-presidents...

Magazine Committee:- Is your job basically helping the Vice presidents become better at their job by taking inspiration from you?

Presidents:- No, it's helping the entire student government- to give them ideas, suggestions and to help them whenever they need it. We don't want to inspire, we want to motivate.

Magazine Committee:- You are the vice presidents… What are you going to do for the school this year?

Vice Presidents:- We will help the government perform to the best of its abilities. We will try to make school more eventful and fun without compromising our studies. And we hope to assist the teachers to make it easier for them.

Magazine Committee:- How will you manage everything without compromising on studies?

Vice presidents:-The amazing student government is working very hard to add events and fun stuff to school. With their help we will manage everything! #IMPOSSIBLE.IS.NOTHING.

Magazine ministers:- This year our aim is to make the newsletters, the Termly magazines and the annual magazine memorable, innovative , full of interesting facts and enjoyable to read. The magazine committee will co-operate with us. This year the magazine committee has a lot of members so you can only imagine what it's going to be like.

Helping Government



The strong winds,

Blowing against me

What must I say?

Kindness or cruelty

Making the plants dance

Making my heart feel

But blowing off my homework papers

When stopped, all in a big mess!

The everyday mess,

Winds playing with me,

What must I say?

Friend or enemy!

-Apurva Agarwal - VII RED


My class V red,

Is so much fun,

Many things are here,

Even a fake gun.

Everyone over here,

Laughs and cries.

Even a bee from,

From a bee hive.

I thank that person,

Who put me in this class.

But many students are there,

A very big mass.

But I'm enjoying and having lots of fun.

-Arnav .A.G. - V RED


In the shadows of the trees

I hear buzzing bees

All flowers that bloom

Lift me out of my gloom

The beautiful grass is so green

Like none that I have never seen

I hear the birds chirp in gladness

As they sing away their sadness

The night is here, darkness falls

As I hear the last of the cuckoos calls

It is morning and I smell the dew

Everything is so fresh, so new

The rain drops pour on my window pain

It's time to splatter the rain again.

-Sarah Badyari - IX BLUE

events and happenings

Budding Artists

Students are free to upload their articles, poems, drawings etc.

They can send all of these to the Magazine Committee