Kaylie's family

By kaylie

Jaime as into mom

My mom is fun she plays hay day with me . She goes places with me and buys me some stuff it is really fun and I get candy too. When the Super Bowl was playing my mom bought all kinds of snacks for us like nachos, chips, and pop and we had a fun time!

Jermey as into dad

My dad is awsome he pays a lot of money for me to play sports so I can have fun. My dad might be getting a new truck but he might not so I can play sports. My dad pays for a lot of stuff for me. My dad cares about me and the sports that I play and he practices with me.

Logan as into my brother

Logan is the pain in my but. But he is still my brother so I have to be nice to him. Logan likes to play sports too but he is better at baseball then football (because he can not run fast) so Logan plays softball with me and he lets me hit the ball but he always wants to.