Huge Policy Win For Parents

GCISD's 4 brave conservative trustees fight for normal

The Community Has Spoken

On August 22, 2022, GCISD's 4 brave conservative trustees voted in new and revised policies that will restore parent rights.

In an effort to de-politicize the schools, these policies work to remove social agendas from GCISD's classrooms, libraries, and hallways so that the district may focus on academic excellence again.

Summary of the Policies

GCISD Policy Video

Policy Details

Here are the 9 policies that were added or revised:


They include guidance for instructional materials, library resources, teaching controversial issues, bathroom rules, same-sex girls' sports rules, pronoun usage, gender fluidity, systemic discrimination ideologies (CRT), and more.

Here are the sources that support & inform these policies:

  1. United States Code (47 U.S.C. 254(h)(5))
  2. Supreme Court case Board of Education v. Pico
  3. Texas State law (House Bill 3979 --> Senate Bill 3)
  4. Texas Education Code (multiple sections of Chapter 26, 28.0022(a)(3), 28.0022(a)(4), 29.906, 31.002, 33.0834(c))
  5. Texas Penal Code (43.21, 43.24(a)(2), & 43.24(b))
  6. Texas Education Agency
  7. Texas State Board of Education
  8. Texas Administrative Code
  9. Texas State Library & Archives Commissions
  10. Children's Internet Protection Act
  11. GCISD's Student Code of Conduct

Download the actual policies, read about each of the sources (with further links provided), and see selected excerpts from those sources.

Trustee Shannon Braun's Op Ed

  • Trustee Shannon Braun wrote a series of op eds leading up to the adoption of the policies.
  • The day after the policies were passed, she reflects on what they will mean for GCISD.

This article is Ms. Braun's 3rd op ed in the last month or so. She continues to reflect on positive changes happening in our district.


Critical Race Theory in the Classroom

The image below provides an example of just how indoctrinated GCISD students can be.

  • A student recaps her Freshman English experience by reviewing the books studied in class.
  • She correctly applies a Critical Race Theory framework to describe the book, including directly applying the CRT concept of "intersectionality."
  • She says she thinks the book will be a good lesson for the white males in the class to learn about their oppressed peers.

Teaching CRT and is in direct violation of Texas Senate Bill 3.
Big picture

Gender Ideology in the Classroom

  • A GCISD parent alleges inappropriate conduct of a GCISD teacher in advising her son concerning his gender ideology.
  • She expresses concern that any teacher would discuss sexual topics with other people's children.
  • We have not yet heard the teacher's point of view about this.

There is no circumstance in which an adult in a position of authority over a child (especially at school) is justified in discussing topics of sexuality with someone else's child.

  • We are grateful to all of the GCISD educators to whom this fact is just obvious.
Sharla T. August 22, 2022 (claims gender fluidity pushed in GCISD)
Read the Mom's side of the Story

"Bombshell Claims of GCISD Teacher Misconduct"


  • The Critical Race Theory "in class" example above comes from the same class as the gender ideology example.
  • In other words, after this parent's son was [allegedly] taught that white, straight males were bad, he was then [allegedly] given the alternative to be a transsexual (transgender) female.
  • We do not know if he was addressed by male or female pronouns in class at the time.


3 Trustees Objected to the Policies

  • Trustees Jorge Rodriguez, Becky St. John, & Coley Canter all voted against these policies in spite of the policies' overwhelming alignment with existing law.
  • Ms. St. John's opposition was [allegedly] the most colorful.
  • Trustee Rodriguez garnered support from the progressive members of the audience by stating his pronouns.
  • None of these 3 trustees acknowledged that the policies derive from the law.
Becky St. John August 22, 2022 (allegedly curses out trustee Kathy Spradley)

Becky St. John to Kathy Spradley: "B tch," "F cking B tch"

In a recording of the August 22nd, 2022 meeting, Trustee Becky St. John is caught on video saying what appears to be "b tch," immediately followed by "f cking b tch" in response to Trustee Kathy Spradley seconding a procedural vote.

  • At least one person in the front row heard her say this, which is how we knew to go back and look.
  • During this same meeting, the Trustees all swore to uphold an Honor Code.
  • If Ms. St. John did say what it appears she said, she in direct violation of this code.
  • At the very least, Ms. St. John should be censured for her inappropriate behavior.
Big picture

Progressive Trustee Jorge Rodriguez States His Pronouns

  • Hours into the August 22nd meeting, Trustee Jorge Rodriguez reintroduces himself, stating his name along with his pronouns.
  • If there's anyone who still thinks Trustee Jorge Rodriguez is a Conservative, it's time to reevaluate that assumption.
Trustee Jorge Rodriguez August 22, 2022 (trustee states his pronouns)

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Defining the Teams

There are two groups of people standing up at board meetings: the woke & and the awake. For the time being, the awakened individuals hold the majority of votes on the board.

If you want to keep it that way, it's time to show up. They're coming for us.