The Arctic reagion is found in the most Nothen part of Earth. The Arctic region is warmer than it used to be and it continues to get warmer. Most scientist agree that humans have caused the climate changes. Sea ice and snow caps to melt at a rapid speed
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The Arctic Fox is about the same size as a large cat with tiny legs and short rounded fluffy ears. Arctic foxes live in some of Earth's most extreme conditions. Their bushy tail is about 30cm long. With its very thick fur, this coat makes them look much larger than they really are. The Arctic Fox is well adapted to live in the cold Arctic. In Winter its thick, bushy coat turns white, so their prey can't see them.
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Snow Leopard

Snow Leopards are great athletes who are capable of making huge leaps. Snow leopards are well adapted to the area where they live, which mostly composed of mountains and high rocks.They have small ears which can be flattened down to prevent them from getting frostbites. They also have very large paws which is soft with fur ,the fur protects the soft pad on the paws. The most useful part of their body is their legs.
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Mountain Hare

Mountain hares have evolved to change colour from dappled shades of brown to white, keeping them camouflaged in the Winter snow. They are vulnerable when they are still young. Most active in the evening and at night. Mountain hares will rest in forms scrapes during the day.
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Arctic poppy

Arctic poppies are one of the most Northerly growing plants in the whole world. Covered in brook hair there're hard and tough , with some surprising delicate yellow or white petals. These flowers continuously turn to face the sun, tracking its progress across the sky, that attracts insects to the center of the bloom.
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Snowdon lilly

Snowdon lillies are deilcate, Arctic-apline flowering plants.They grow in the mountain ranges of North America and Europe and are common enough on rolling alpine tundra Asia and North America in which the subsoil is permanentaly frozen. In the United Kingdom, however. Snowdon lilies can only be found in only be found in only one place Snowdonia National Park - where they grow on some ledges and rock faces out of reach from grazing animals.

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