The Vault of Dreams

From the author of the Birth Marked Trilogy

Here's what my book is about.

This is a dystopian novel written by Caragh M. O' Brien. Dystopian means a setting in the future. This book specializes in how a girl, Rosie, is at a special talented art school. This school has a secret and it's hiding something, and Rosie knows it. The only problem is that this school is a reality show, The Forge Show. She needs to find a way around the camera to find out whats really happening at this school.

The power in the Writing

Caragh's book is very powerful. The power in the writing shows in how Rosie is very determined to find out what is really happening at her school. In really life people can relate to this when your set to do a certain goal and you'll never give up.

Read the Book Please

I loved this book and hopefully you'll love it if you read it too. I couldn't stop reading it cause there was so much suspense going on. Tell all your friends about this book please.