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Stomp Out Suicide Event

Help us honor lives lost to suicide, celebrate survivors, and support their friends and families. This annual event spreads awareness our community on the impact suicide has had in Jackson.

This year our event will be IN PERSON with an option to stream it live from home. We will also

provide a live streaming event in Hillsdale County. Suicide prevention is needed now more than

ever as we navigate this post-COVID world.

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Upcoming JCISD Day of Discovery

Our next county-wide professional learning day (Day of Discovery) is Monday, October 18th, and we need another day of fantastic options for our educators and community partners. Please consider what learning you might be able to share with the county on this day of virtual learning. At our last Day of Discovery, we had over 50 session offerings that were praised by our over 1100 attendees. We had sessions with topics such as:

  • Educational Technology Tips/Resources
  • Content Area Learning (Math, Science, Literacy, Health)
  • Impact and Response to Trauma (including secondary trauma)
  • Equity in Education
  • PBIS
  • MTSS
  • Educational Leadership
  • Special Education
  • Michigan Merit Curriculum
  • Instructional Strategies (in person and virtual)
  • Parent and Student Engagement

Please use the link below to submit your proposal by Friday, September 3rd, and PLEASE share this with any connection or person who you think has some great knowledge to share with our county stakeholders!

Link to "Call for Proposal" form

Parent Support for Social and Emotional Learning

In this paper from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, Adam Tyner reports the results of a survey of a nationally representative sample of 2,000 parents on schools’ role in teaching social and emotional skills (it was conducted by YouGov, a global public-opinion company). Here are the key findings:

- The vast majority of parents support teaching SEL skills in schools.

- The term “social and emotional learning” is quite unpopular, perhaps because parents worry that it will undermine the basics – or might be code for “liberal indoctrination.”

- Parents who identify as Democrats are more comfortable with the term and committing resources to SEL; those who identify as Republicans are a little less willing to commit resources – and they hate the term.

- Across the political spectrum, parents believe the family is the most important place to cultivate SEL, but there are partisan differences on how and where to emphasize it.

- Conservative parents are somewhat more wary than liberals that SEL might divert schools away from academics or conflict with their values.

- In contrast to these partisan disagreements, there are few differences among parents by race, class, and religion.

Tyner concludes with several recommendations for educators: Use plain, concrete language (versus nebulous and jargony) to discuss specifically what schools are doing with social and emotional learning; honor the role of families and community members in this area; avoid pitting SEL against academics; consider ways of teaching social skills indirectly – including teachers modeling common decency and common sense; and use a politically neutral term like “life skills.”

“How to Sell SEL: Parents and the Politics of Social-Emotional Learning” by Adam Tyner, Thomas B. Fordham Institute, August 2021

Back to School Tech Updates & Tips

Please see the newsletter for helpful information to get your year started on the right track. Included in this newsletter:

  • The NEW MicroPD text message courses
  • Multi-factor authentication for staff
  • Cybersecurity
  • Changes to student YouTube accounts and more!

Access the newsletter here.

Hands Only CPR and AED training review

There are a number of videos that provide a quick and easy review of the steps in a cardiac emergency – call/push/shock. This one was done by Richmond Ambulance Authority in Virginia. The first part of the video features a survivor of a cardiac arrest telling his story of how CPR and an AED saved his life when he had a cardiac arrest during a race in his community. The actual review of how to perform CPR and use an AED begins at the 13:15 minute mark of the video and lasts about 4 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MZKK5xz7kE This can be a terrific review for staff members but also can serve as an introduction to the training. While this does not provide full training with certification, we do know that the more people who at least are informed about hands only CPR and AED use, the better chance there is of a fast response to a sudden cardiac arrest.

Another great educational video can be found at... https://www.nfl.com/videos/recognize-react-rescue-effectively-treating-sudden-cardiac-arrest

Recognize! React! Rescue!! Three Rs = #READY! This quick and comprehensive tutorial by Dr. Drezner describes sudden cardiac arrest details to help people know how to recognize an arrest. It is also perfect at stating how to be Project ADAM #READY! While the focus in the video is on athletes, the principles are right on for EVERYONE - from baby brother to grandma - and for EVERY PLACE - schools, stores, hotels, sports venues, and more. Our thanks to Dr. Drezner and the NFL.

The Power of Mindfulness: What You Practice Grows Stronger | Shauna Shapiro | TEDxWashingtonSquare
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Explore the World with Virtual Field Trips

The recording will be posted on this page after the live session. Closed captioning will be added to the recording within 2 weeks of the live presentation. Get a CE Certificate for this edWebinar Learn more

Focused on an array of diverse topics, virtual field trips connect learning to the real world through relevant and timely digital content that supports learning wherever it takes place. Discovery Education, the global leader in standards-aligned digital curriculum resources, offers a portfolio of new and on-demand virtual field trips to engage students.

Available at no cost, these unique experiences take students to amazing places and give them remarkable opportunities to explore places unknown and learn new skills, without ever leaving their desks. Developed with a number of corporate and community partners, educators will find opportunities to create comprehensive connections to the real world. Each virtual field trip also includes an educator guide and instructional supports for turnkey lesson development. Join this edWebinar for an overview of virtual field trips available on demand and a sneak peek of new offerings coming this fall.

Register Here

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Brain gym | simple brain boosting exercises | brain exercises easy | 7 ultimate brain gym exercises
Do you have students or know families that could benefit from food stability, health insurance, child care, or other basic resources? Please connect them with MIBridges at www.mibridges.michigan.gov/access or call the MI Child and Healthy Kids number: 888.988.6300.

Contact the Whole Child Team

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