Announcing changes in our HC team

Building for tomorrow's world

We have some exciting announcements and changes happening right across the globe in our HC team at the moment to share with you.

Our team plays a fundamental role in making Capco a place that people want to join, build their careers and where they can flourish. To enable us to continue to support the firm on this phenomenal journey of growth and innovation, we have made some recent changes to strengthen our team, by bringing on board new talent and enabling people in the team to move into new roles and take on new responsibilities to meet their career aspirations.

Below you can read about the changes happening across our HC world and you can learn more about some of your HC colleagues here in CiT!

Please join me in congratulating all those who have moved into new roles within our team and in extending a warm welcome to our new team members. It's great to see so much growth, new talent and opportunity within our own team as well as across the firm.

As a team, we are committed to making Capco the place to be for our people, our future hires and of course, you!

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Strengthening our HC team

As many of you already know, I am undertaking a new role where I will be working across both Capco and FIS to allow us to leverage the strengths, experience and practices of both HC teams and to enable a more consistent approach where it makes sense. My new role in FIS is leading our HR strategy and organizational development and I have enterprise wide responsibility for HR strategy, organizational and employee development as well as employee engagement (including culture and comms). I'm excited about this new challenge and look forward to sharing my ideas and experiences with you over the coming weeks and months.

I'm also pleased to announce a number of changes in our geographies:

  • I'm delighted to welcome both Amy Brodksy and Mary Keller to our NA team - Amy's focus is on organizational and leadership development including employee engagement and culture. Amy will also oversee our learning function globally with support from Lina Stern in NA as well as the new hires we are making in the UK, Continental Europe and India. Mary is overseeing all of our HC business partnering, HC operations and Recruitment with Tana Session reporting into Mary
  • Tana Session will continue to oversee NA HC Ops under Mary's leadership as well as take on a project role to oversee shared services for HC and explore FIS leverage opportunities. Tana will also support initiatives like our inclusion & diversity approach globally.
  • Judith Kederer will take on broader responsibility for HC in Europe
  • Amy Solomon has taken over as the HC lead for the UK and South Africa from Sarah Moger and will report into Judith Kederer
  • Kim Sawyer is now leading HC for APAC and will report into Amy Solomon
  • Lynn Dedeurwaerder is the new HC lead maternity cover for Belgium reporting into Judith Kederer
  • To further strengthen our connection to FIS, Dharani Medappa from the FIS India team is now leading the Capco India HC team
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We have also created a number of new roles to further strengthen our team

  • Sarah Moger will now spend 50% of her time leading on some of our global HC projects including some exciting projects around start-ups, performance management, CapInTouch and our core schools. The remainder of Sarah's time will be spent working on Bold Rocket as she shared on our recent HC quarterly call.
  • Shweta Trivedi will also join the team spending approximately 70% of her time leading projects covering leadership development and company change. The remainder of Shweta's time will be spent working on FIS' culture, learning and leadership development needs.
  • Joanne Dowson will join the team supporting on a number of projects including on-boarding, feedback and recognition, employee comms and our brand and awards strategy.
  • Delia Gibson will work as part of the team, supporting on a number of projects including values and culture, GROW 2.0 and our engagement tools. She will also continue to run PMO for the HC function with support from Glaelle Jacques who recently joined the team

In addition, Nicole Regan-White and Aditi Shukla are both stepping into broader roles within L&D for EU and NA respectively as we strengthen the team working underneath them (Sam Hopes for EU and Mariano Honrado for NA) to provide greater admin support. This will afford the team more time to work on L&D projects including learning pathways as well as design and facilitation.

Over the coming months, we will keep you updated on the projects the team are working on through our quarterly calls, blogs and newsletters. Please reach out to any of the team to learn more about their roles and share any ideas you have for making Capco the place to be.

HC core governance team

We have also established a new global HC core governance team to enable us to deliver the HC strategy - the team, which I will continue to lead, consists of Judith Kederer, Amy Brodsky and Mary Keller with additional members Sarah Moger and Shweta Trivedi to provide our strategic projects focus.
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It's your HC team!

I'm committed, along with the HC governance team and all of our HC leads, to making HC at Capco the place to be - if you have ideas for how we can improve our function, questions about our HC strategy or direction of the firm or aspirations to work in another location / role / specialism then make this known through one of the many channels available to you.

We have published our HC plan on CiT which outlines our key focus areas for 2014 - we welcome your questions and input on this!

This is your HC team to shape and we want to ensure that all voices are heard. If you would like to discuss any of the announcements in this email or have any questions, please reach out to me directly or your HC lead.