Old Town Star Staff News

December 8th through December 19th

Our ROCK STAR of the Week Is...

Shellie Burton, one of OTE's Star 4th Grade Teachers!!! You are entitled to a week long jeans/shorts pass and the "traveling parking space trophy!!!" CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!!

A little about Ms. Burton...

How many years have you been an educator?


Tell us about your family....

I have 3 beautiful kiddos and one very adorable, sneaky Labrador Retriever

What do you like to do for fun?

Read, watch movies, play cards

What's the one thing you enjoy most about working with students and/or families at Old Town?

I like the atmosphere at OTE! We are one big family!!!

Tell us about one strength you possess.

I never was a cheerleader, but I like to encourage others, especially when they are struggling.

*If you haven't already done so, please tell us a little about yourself here!

Secrets of the World Class

Weekly Reminders...

A friendly reminder to..

  • Greet your students each day!
  • Nominate students for the Principal's Wall of Fame! Simply catch them doing something kind for someone!
  • Affirm someone today!
  • Pay your Social Dues!
  • "LIKE" and share OUR FACEBOOK PAGE! https://www.facebook.com/rrisd.oldtown
  • Way to go Mrs. Rummel's and Ms. Ybarra!!! Their "Greenhouse for the Outdoor Classroom" project was one of seven projects selected to be funded by the RRISD PIE Foundation!!!!!
  • Check the Professional Learning and Events Calendar regularly for updates! Also, email Shannon any dates and events you would like to have added!

Our Next Week...

Monday, Dec 8

Mya’s Coaching Day

Blue Santa Donation Continues

PTA Holiday Shoppe (See separate Schedule)

½ day team planning 3rd AM & Kg PM

Tuesday, Dec 9

Minor’s Coaching Day

Minor’s off campus AP Mtg AM

Character Ed Awards Kg-2nd @ 7:45

PTA Holiday Shoppe (See separate Schedule)

TaG referral window closes

Student Council Mtg @ 2:45

Happy Birthday Mackie Flansburg!

Wednesday, Dec 10

Mya’s Coaching Day

Character Ed Awards 3rd – 5th @ 7:45

PTA Cookie Exchange (Café Stage) 9-11:00

PTA Holiday Shoppe (See separate Schedule)

½ day team planning Specials AM & SpEd/TaG PM

PTA staff luncheon – Lasagna!

SLT Mtg. @ 3:05

Happy Birthday Trella Collier!

Thursday, Dec 11

Mya’s Office Day

ARD Mtgs. (see separate schedule)

PTA Holiday Shoppe (See separate Schedule)

½ day team planning 4th AM & 1st PM

OTE Choir performs “A Pirate Christmas”- Kg, 1st & 3rd 8:30am - 2nd, 4th & 5th 9:35am
PTA Meeting 6:00pm and "A Pirate Christmas" OTE Choir Performance 6:15pm

OTE Times Mtg 3:00

Friday, Dec 12

CAT Mtg 8:00am

PTA Holiday Shoppe (See separate Schedule)

Walsh Holiday Performance 3rd – 5th @9:30

Kg – 2nd SST’s

Lunch with Dads!

OTE Staff Holiday Party 7-9:00pm

“Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses” -Marilyn vos Savant

Link of the Week!

Click the link below to access lots of interactive education games and activities for grades K-5. They are very simple to use with sound. Some fun holiday activities in each grade section too! They also have apps you can get for IOS devices!


Aiming for the Stars...

What another full and exciting week back!!! HUGE APPRECIATIONS to each of you for your attentiveness and participation during our time with Dr. Jackson this week! We are moving at a good speed in the right direction with regards to unpacking our science TEKS and implementing interactive science word walls in many content areas!

As always, THANK YOU for your hard work in preparing to deliver world class instruction to our STAR Texans! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!


The Week After...

Monday, Dec 15

Mya’s Coaching Day

Earthworks Presentation 2nd grade (Science Lab)

Tuesday, Dec 16

Minor’s Coaching Day

ARD Mtgs. (see separate schedule)

Wednesday, Dec 17

Mya’s Coaching Day

Popcorn day

Star Store 3rd – 5th

½ day Technology Training 4th AM / 1st PM

ARD Mtgs. (see separate schedule)

Faculty Mtg. 3:05

Thursday, Dec 18

Mya’s Office Day

ARD Mtgs. (see separate schedule)

School Wide Spelling Bee 8-10:20am Cafeteria

Classroom Winter Parties

Last Day for Students

Friday, Dec 19

CAT Mtg 8:00am

Staff Prep Day

End of the 2nd Nine Weeks

Old Town Elementary Mission

To highly engage learners in a collaborative atmosphere of critical & creative thinking