HEY! Have You Read Code Orange?

This is for all you readers out there!

Code Orange

Hello! My name is Mahki Lloyd. I just wanted to inform you about a book. The book is called Code Orange.

"Description!," please?

Code Orange is about a boy named Mitty Blake. And he LOVES strolling around NYC. He has always felt safe in the city, even after the horrible, 9/11! He doesn't care much for school or grades, he doesn't worry about the terrorists, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, He's no that very responsible about things! He'd rather waste all his time and think about anything else, but, school, grades, and assignments. But, all that is about to change.

The Mysterious Envelope

Most people think that it's pretty obvious that Mitty Blake would feel a tiny bit of pressure when turning in schoolwork. So, he thinks it's a good luck charm when searches for some old, dusty medical books that he finds in his family's house that he goes to over the weekend. However, when he seems to discover a white envelope that held two gross scabs inside, his report's main purpose wasn't just for a good grade anymore, it was a matter of life or death. And probably even his own!

Variola Major

It turns out that the scabs Mitty found contained a disease called Variola Major. It's a virus that has no brain thought, it doesn't circulate with blood, and has no personality whatsoever. But, the virus's main goal... is to take control over your whole body so it can spread!

NYC doesn't have to leave!

This virus has the ability to destroy every single person in New York City! So, does Mitty Blake have the guts, ingenuity, bravery, or RESPONSIBILITY to prevent this virus form spreading? Find out by reading the book!