Perfume Means DOOM!

(doom is bad)

Keep perfume out!

Spraying perfume can lead to, but is not limited to,
  • loss of vision
  • external burns
  • internal burns
  • suffocation
  • zombification
  • yes zombification

How is perfume bad?

Despite the fact that many people may have allergic reactions to perfume, excessive perfume can permanently pollute the air. This noxious gas (perfumes) can and will cause serious problems if not treated properly (see above)

What can you do?

Although there are not many ways to treat the effects of this chemical. the best thing YOU can do as a community is to NOT USE PERFUME.

If you see somebody using perfume, the best thing you can do is,

  1. stop
  2. hop
  3. or RUN
preferably run.

don't let perfume ruin take the life of your loved ones and maybe even yours!

stand up and stop perfume!