Technology and Physical Education

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1. Online Polls

Online polls like or are a quick way to do formative assessment using any internet-enabled device or phone that can send text messages.

2. QR Codes

QR codes are special square barcodes that you can scan with a smartphone using a free app. They usually contain internet links, text instructions or links to youtube videos.
Eg. Place a QR code & exercise name next to a piece of equipment in the gym.

Free QR Code Readers

Travel around the room and try out at least 3 QR codes using a personal device

Make your own for free at

3. Video Analysis Apps

Video analysis apps allow you to record a video of a physical performance and ...

All while recording your audio narration and exporting a final video either to the camera roll or YouTube

Fixing the Deadlift -- Pulling with a Straight Back

4. Discussion Forums

Build into every Office365 Class site is a discussion forum. Forums allow teachers to post questions and for students to answer taking into account different amounts of processing time for each student. Students and teachers can also post text, pictures and video in a safe environment.

Go to this sample O365 discussion forum and reply to the volleyball setting post.
Discussion Forum Link

5. Blogs

Blogs are online journals in which students can comment on a variety of class topics and reply to the posts of their peers. A class blog is also built into every O365 class site.

Office365 Sample Class Blog

6. Posting content to YouTube in a safe manner & inserting into blogs/discussion forums.

Video files can be huge but YouTube automatically compresses and optimizes videos for your device and does not count against your O365 storage limit.

Learn how to set privacy settings in YouTube here.
These unlisted YouTube videos can then be linked to in discussion forums, class site newsfeeds or blogs.

7. Even more apps for PE

This list was generated from the great work in:

  • iMovie - creating student Fitness Videos
  • Tabata Timer- Timing app to setup Tabata interval workouts
  • IntervalTimer - Timing app to help set up circuits/intervals and syncs with any music playlist
  • 7min Workout - An easy app to help motivate people to exercise
  • Make My Groups + - Organize your class roster into teams or groups with the click of a button
  • BracketMaker - Create brackets for your tournament play
  • Educreations - Allows you to create audio, pen and photo annotated digital whiteboard presentations to create an instructional video about any topic. This might be an excellent tool to use in your health or exercise science class. (both student and teacher)
  • eg. ExplainEverything is an iOS and Android app that lets you do all of the above and also export the video to your device camera roll.