Mrs. Korczynski's Bulletin



Math: We're learning that counting tells how many things are in a set. When counting a set of objects, the last word in the counting sequence names the quantity. We are using one-to-one correspondence from 0-20. Students describe objects, express relationships, make predictions, and solve problems as they build an understanding of numbers. Recognize instantly the amount of a small group of objects.

Reading: The students will be able to make predictions based on the cover, title, and illustrations; identify that a sentence is made up of words. Generate rhymes orally. Identify common sounds that letters represent.

Popcorn Word: The popcorn word being introduced this week is the word "The".

Interesting Words: We continue writing our names and doing environmental print.

Writing: We're learning how to form letters from left-to-right and top-to-bottom. Every letter has an upper case and lowercase. Phonological knowledge can be used to match letters to sounds. Students will write their own name. Students will identify high frequency words. Understand and use parts of speech in reading, writing, and speaking: pronouns.

Science: Students will learn about properties of objects.

Social Studies: We're learning about communities - our school community and our neighborhood community.


Monday- LOTS

Tuesday- P.E.

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- P.E.

Friday- Music

Library: Every Monday we will be going to the Library so please have your child bring their Library book to school so they can get a new book each week.


Please help your child get in the habit of showing you his/her agenda daily. Look through it for any papers that I may send home. Check the conduct section for any notes about good behavior or notes about ways that behavior could improve.

Please make sure your child is completing their homework assignment for each day. The homework will be due September 28th. Also please keep reading nightly to help your child grow into a life-long reader. Please read with and to your child each night for 15 minutes and record it on their reading log in their agenda.


Sept. 27: Picture Day

Oct. 5: Early Dismissal at 12:55

Oct. 8: Student Holiday

Oct. 17 & 18: Early Dismissal at 12:55

Oct. 26: End of the first 9 weeks


  • items for the treasure box (ex. coloring books, unused kid's meal toys, playdough, plastic jewelry, matchbox cars)
  • stamp pads - variety of colors

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