juan seguin

by max gonzales

facts about his birth,death,family and home state

he was born in San Antonio on october 27,1806.his parents name was erasmo and maria.he died on August 27,1890. his home state was teaxs and city San Antonio

5 facts about juan seguin

1.he loved horses when he was 12 years old 2.he was baptized where his father and grandfather was baptized 3.he joined the army in 1835 4.he was revolutionary and politcian 5.he was hespanic born in the u.s.a state of texans

important characteristics describe him

brave because he was fighting agens the mexico. never give up because he give up the first time .

were this taxen major contributions and how this taxen shape texas today

texas thacks him because he helped the texans fight the mexicans for the texans freedom.


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