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Systems software has to perform many different tasks and needs to be used by anyone who uses a computer. It is important that the interface makes it as easy as possible for the user to be able to complete a task using the software. There are three main types of interface:

- Command line/driven interface - here you have to type in a series of commands. This type of interface is very hard to use.

- Menu-driven interface - here you are presented with a list of things to do and you have to choose one of them by typing in a either a number or a letter.

- Graphical user interface (GUI) - these are very easy to use and have many features which enhance the user's ability for them to control what is happening (e.g. icons, menus, pointers etc).

I shall go through each of these in detail and explain the advantages and disadvantages of both. Click on the desired link below to go to each area:

Command Line/Driven Interface -

Menu-driven Interface -

Graphical User Interface -

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