November News

Distinguishing Between Challenging and Low Level Questions

Turkey Talk

As the weather treats us kindly, November is upon us and Thanksgiving festivities begin. Tom Turkey reminds educators that Bloom's Taxonomy questioning stems can be FULL-filling for all.
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Low Level: What is the definition of percent of change?

High Level: Compare and contrast the number of turkeys that will be consumed in 2014 vs the number consumed in 1914. Analyze the percent of change and discuss what the results say about the American society.


Low Level: Identify the difference between a chemical change and a physical change.

High Level: Evaluate the evidence and determine if baking a pumpkin pie results in a chemical change or physical change.


Low Level: Make a list of Thanksgiving traditions from the colonial period.

High Level: Draw conclusions about how Thanksgiving traditions and celebrations have evolved from the colonial period to the present day. Collect data to support your findings.

Language Arts

Low Level: List the differences between a vegan and an omnivore.

High Level: Debate the two arguments presented by vegans and omnivores as it applies to a traditional Thanksgiving meal in American society.
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