Dezarae Tuggle

Jeremiah Theus

In the early 1700's Jeremiah was one of the painters before camera his work made into muesems. He painted fmaily picttures as well as many other paintings
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In the 1800's they couldnt take a picture with a camera. They got picture by having the family pose and they would pain a picture.
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In 1962 the Polaroid camera was founded by Edwin H. Land. He leaves Harvarad to pursue in making the camera.
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Polaroid company was founded by Edwin Land. The company is out of Cambridge MA.
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In February 21, 1947 Edwin Land came to show how the Polaroid is used. It was the instant first camera.
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The camera came on sale at Jordan Marsh deparment store. The camera cost $89.75 and made over $5 millions in sales within the first year it came out.
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They started coming out with more Polaroid cameras and new versions of it. In the early 2000's they came out with the Polaroid 600 new and imprvoed for people to use.
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The polaroid camera has impacted peoples lives a lot because when you take the picture it pritns out right away and you can give it to someone. Any camra has impacted everyone lives becuase it helps with keeping memories and you can make more than one copy. Cameras now have increaed it technolgly a lot by the focus has increased and the flashes and the lenses can be changed.


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