Come visit Athens!

The best city-state in Greece!

What makes Athens so special?

Athens is a great city-state to live in. We have a variety of activities and opportunities available to our citizens, so they can pursue their own path. Everything is decided by our citizens, for our citizens. If you want something to change, you can get it changed.

Living in Athens



Government in Athens is very interesting. We no longer have a need for a monarchy. Instead, we let regular people decide on laws. We do this by doing something called voting. Voting is simply selecting an option that is presented to you and a group. The option that receives the most votes in the group will be the one that is chosen. We vote by placing rocks into a jar. We usually use black and white stones to represent our votes.

Here are some important things to know about our government:

  • Only male land owners can vote

  • We meet on the Pnyx to vote

  • Only citizens over 18 can vote

The Pnyx
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Education is an essential practice. In Athens, we offer the best education in Greece. You've probably heard of our great schools, such as Aristotle's Lyceum and Plato’s Academy. We provide many subjects, including mathematics and philosophy. If you want a good education, come to Athens.


The Olympics

You've probably heard about the Olympics before. It's a grand ceremony with many attractions. We host a variety of events, such as:

  • Chariot races
  • Javelin
  • Wrestling
  • Hoplitodromos (A race in heavy armor)
  • Boxing
  • Discus

Daily Life


The houses in our land are nice and simple. The average house has a kitchen, a storage room, an animal shed, and maybe a bathroom. Richer citizens can have things like a lounge in their house, or a second floor where the woman, children, and possibly slaves would sleep. The houses of the rich are usually located in the nicer and wealther areas of Athens.


Here in Athens, we offer a wide variety of food. We enjoy high quality cheeses and breads. We grow olives and make olive oil, we also eat a variety of fish


While Athens is a great place to live, there are somethings you should consider.

  • Anything can be voted on, even the death of a citizen