The Lone Star State


The date of Statehood is the 29 december 1845 and is the 28th state.

It was part of Spain, Mexico, France, Republic of Texas, USA and Confederate American State.

Become part of America in 1861.

Capital and important cities

The capital of Texas is Austin but Huston, San Antonio and Dallas are more populated.

Texas is the second state most bigest of America.

Some places and curiosities things

NBA Teams

In San Antonio are the San Antonio Spurs. It is the second team with the best winning percentage

In Dallas are the Dallas Mavericks. Mavericks are the fourth most valuable franchise in the United States

In Houston are the Houston Rockets. Malone won two awards for best player in the NBA and led the Rockets to their first appearance in a final


Amber heard, Jensen Ackles and Matthew McConaughey are some actors who were born in Texas