Interview with Shreshna Narayan

By Simrani Prasad

Shreshna Narayan is an ex student of Nagle College and attended Nagle for 4 years. She started attending Nagle College in 2010 and has been a part of the Nagle community for more than 7 years as her older sister attended Nagle College before her. She is Fijian- Indian and was born in Australia after her parents migrated to Australia from Fiji.

You went Walters Road Public School, how did you find it there?

I really liked it there as I had many friends and a lot of my cousins also went to my primary school while I was there. I would say that I had more fun during my primary years rather than high school.

When you came to Nagle, you only knew your sister, how did you find Nagle when you first started?

I was nervous, frustrated and anxious. There were only a few other girls that came to Nagle from my primary school however I didn’t talk to them, so I basically had no friends which was why I was frustrated.

What do you think about Nagle?

I have mixed feelings about Nagle, it could be the best but sometimes it could be the worst. The little things such as formation day, multicultural day and even when they would play different nationality music for the bell made it fun. However at the same time, there were things I did not like for example; you weren't allowed to have nose studs or coloured hair and even nail polish.

What were your first memories of Nagle?

My first memory would be when I was at swimming for sports because that was when I had made my first friend. We only said one word to each other the whole day and started sitting with each other.

What was your favourite and worst memory throughout your Nagle school years?

My best memory had to be lunch when all the friends used to just sit around and gossip, or even when we used to have excursions or any events. All the girls used to be in the bathroom, someone straightening someone’s hair, some girls were putting mascara on someone and people were changing clothes and giving advice on it. Those little moments had made the best ones. And the worst had to be the little arguments I had with the teachers which was mostly about my nose stud.

What did you like in particular about Nagle?

I liked the traditional things a Christian would do and how they incorporated it in school. They weren't boring as the school made them as fun as they could. They had little performances such as the dance groups which did movements while carrying the cross and they incorporated the house colours in the mass which I liked.

What type of student would you describe yourself to have been?

I’m very fixed on what I think and even if it was a student or teacher, I told them what I thought.

What were your favourite subjects and why?

My favourite subjects were science and maths. I guess they were my favourite because firstly, I liked doing all the experiments in science and found them fun to do and secondly, I liked maths because I loved doing things that challenged me.

What do you think about the teachers?

Some I like some I don’t. They have their different ways of teaching in a class but you have to be a student’s friend in order for them to have the best experience and good communication so that teachers can have a better understanding of students so that things could work out better.

How did you spend your time outside of school?

Outside of school was very fun, I went out a lot with friends and there were a lot of family events. Some days I was busy with assignments and homework and some nights I was able to actually get out with family.

What do you plan on doing in the future career wise?

I’ve been changing my mind ever since primary. As you grow older you’re interested in different areas and different things and how you see the world changes.