Luke Bannerman

What is Nutrisystem and what is it's purpose?

Nutrisystem is a diet fad where food is send to you from their company for you to eat to help you lose weight and make you more healthy. The people at Nutrisystem do all the counting of calories, carbs etc. You eat 6 meals a day with 2-3 hours in between each meal. The foods use low-glycemic carbs to help stabilize blood sugar, which also helps people with diabetes, which is a large target audience they sell to, not just people who want to be healthy.

Some Delicious Meals

Nutrients and who Nutrisystem helps

The people at Nutrisystem count the nutrients so you have the proper amount of fuel for your day, so there is no need to worry about missing out on nutrients. Although this system seems good, and it has helped people lose weight and become more healthy, after the trial is done, you don't get any more of the healthy foods or are taught how to make or buy them, which can lead to people just going back to being unhealthy. Other that that, Nutrisystem is an excellent dieting organization that has already helped a lot of people. I would recommend this diet to people with diabetes where the disease has become too much of a hassle and is really interfering with their life. Nutrisystem will help tone down the amount of time and effort you need to put towards diabetes and will help you lead a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Jason B.(right) lost 249 while doing the Nutrisystem diet. Of course he was working hard outside of just eating their food, but Nutrisystem was the stepping stone to help him become more healthy for his wife and kids, who were also the people he was doing the diet for. He wanted to become a better husband and father, along with getting back into the sports and activities he loves, like golfing, and his weight was getting in the way of this. Now, Jason is more active and continues to eat healthy thanks to Nutrisystem.

This story has shown me that one of the biggest motivations for people to lose weight or try to become healthier is other people in their life. If the reason you want to become healthier is to better your happiness and the happiness of people around you, I think it is probably the best reason to do so.


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