Buy and download Garrys Mod for only $9.99

How to get the right texures for Garrys Mod!

First you have to either buy Counter-Stike Source or download the textures from Counter-Strike Source. Because if you dont get the textures the game would just have pink and black errors.If you buy it your going to want to buy Counter-Strike Source with Garrys Mod its cheaper for only $25 if you buy them separate it cost $35. AND ONLY DONT FORGET TO BUY IT OFF OF STEAM.

This is how you download Steam.

First you're going to want to search up Steam then you click on Welcome to Steam. Click on that and it will bring the Steam homepage. Then your gonna want to make a steam account. When you have done that you go back to the homepage and in the top right corner there should be a search bar for games. Search up gmod and there should be 3 things on the bottom should have Counter-strike Source and gmod in 1 pack for only $25. Click to buy it then buy it then when you have bought it it will come up with a page where it has your games. And near your account name it should have a link to download steam then you download it and there you have it then when you have download it click on the steam that you downloaded and when it opens it should let you download the games. Now the download might take a while if your computer is like mine but for some it downloads pretty quick.

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Things that you can do in Garrys Mod/Gmod

You can fly in planes drive cars ride in rollercoasters its a really fun game! Also you can play different kind of gamemodes :D.


And now Im going to show you a video of me playing gmod :)