Google Play & Apple iTunes

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Google Play

  • Focus is on multimedia more than apps
  • More expensive apps
  • Have "Top" selling on the left hand side with the "Featured" on the right
  • To access you must sign in

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Apple iTunes

  • Focus is on music more than anything else
  • Some apps are free and other apps cost money
  • iTunes have "top" selling on the right hand side and the categories at the top
  • To use iTunes you must download it to your computer and have an apple account
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Favorite App

My favorite app is Angry Birds. Angry Birds is a fun game for all ages. It has many levels that are a different in some way. It also has different types of birds you can throw so it's not always doing the same thing.

Both iTunes and Google Play have the Angry Birds app.

App Stores

iTunes app store has more aps and has any type of app you can even think of. Some of them are fee versions and some cost money to get. My overall opinion on iTunes is that it is well set up and has a lot of apps you can get.

Google Play app store has less apps and they also don't have free apps like iTunes. Google Play is also very well set up and very user friendly. My overall opinion on Google Play is that is also very nice and between Google Play and iTunes, anyone could use either of them.


To access iTunes you must download it to your computer and set up an apple account.

To access Google Play you must have a Google account to download anything.

Neither of these sites have a lot of bugs in their apps.

Cost to Submit an App

iTunes: $99/year plus 30% of what you make off the app

Google Play: Onetime $25 fee plus 30% of what you make off the app

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