Saola( Sow-la)

Pseudoryx Nghetinhensis

Who am I?

This CRITICALY endangered species is a cousin to cattle or buffalo and several other animals, although it resembles the antelope in appearance. The saola is so distinctive that its discovery required the creation of a new genus (Pseudoryx). The general color of the saola is a deep chestnut brown, with individuals varying from a rich reddish brown to almost black, with a short tail only inches long, very long antlers, and unique white facial markings. They have large maxillary glands on the muzzle which can be used to mark territory and or attract mates.

Where am I? ONLY in the Annamite Mnts. of Vietnam and laos

The Annamite Mountains is a range of mountains in Indochina, which extends through Vietnam, Laos, and a small area through North East Cambodia. The mountains are a tropical, moist, broadleaf, forest ecoregion.

The Saola is most commonly found in dense, evergreen forests that are moist and have a good source of running water

When this animal was discovered it was the first large mammal to be discovered in 50 yrs. It then went unseen for 15 straight years.

Saola uses all forest levels in differing seasons, even entering secondary lowland forests

I am a herbavore and my preditors are humans, tigers, and alligators

guesstamation of my population..few hundred to a few dozen

My saftey status- I am one of the most rare mamals there is

It is critically endangered because of habitation loss. Habitation loss pushes them into the same small area of forest they have left. That makes it easy for hunters to hunt them. Hunters are the other contribution to their population loss.

What is being done about my saftey?

Vietnams government forest protection department and WWF focuses there conservation efforts for Saola's on strengthening & establishing protected areas. They tend the same for research, community based forest mangment, & strengthening law enforcement.

What would Daniella do to help me?

I would do what is already being done. I would also breed some of them to ensure they dont die out. I would keep the laws and conservation efforts steady for a year after they have been brought out of being thretened. After they were'nt thretened I would have meet my goal. I'd keep the protected areas and law enforcement.

What can you do to help me?

Spread the word: Flyers, videos (youtube, video chat), friends, family, school, posters, billboards, facebook, myspace, any internet etc.

Adopt: call WWF for more information of how you can adopt me .1 (800) 225 5993

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